Welcome to mycharcoalsoap.org. This website is intended to supply information about activated charcoal for cleansing skin and the body. On this website, you will learn about how activated charcoal works and the benefits of such for the skin.

What is activated charcoal?

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Activated charcoal is a naturally refined version of charcoal – you know the dark stuff you find in the fire after it’s burned out. It goes through a natural process to purify it and increase the natural abilities of it to cleanse and detoxify that make it suitable for health and beauty products.

So why on earth would you ever want to apply the black soot to your own skin? Well, as it turns out charcoal is an extremely porous natural material. This porous property is what makes it attractive as a cleaning agent on skin and other parts of the body. It works as a sort of “magnet” that attracts toxins and debris into the pores of the carbon. This is exactly why activated charcoal is popular in other beauty products like teeth whitening and facial skin masks.

Charcoal soaps and scrubs

For the reasons above, charcoal soaps and scrubs have become very popular. There are many different formulations and ingredients amongst various vendors and manufacturers however, the main active ingredient comes down to one thing; charcoal.

In 2017 and 2018 charcoal soaps have become very popular and are even seen in big box stores like Walmart and Target. The raw data of this shows that activated charcoal products do work well on the skin and products themselves are only becoming more popular.

So why wasn’t this discovered before?

Charcoal used as a cleaning agent is not a new thing. In fact, there is documentation that it has been used for millennia. The first to discover the wonderful magic of activated charcoal for cleaning the skin were the ancient Chinese and Indians over ten thousand years ago!

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One thing to understand about the health and beauty market is they go through a lot of fads (as you probably already know!). If it’s not shea butter it’s pink Himalayan salt or yadda yadda yadda… We are often at the mercy of marketers who go off fads. This doesn’t mean these things don’t work or don’t help, however, this is how activated charcoal soap recently become so popular.

Benefits of charcoal soap

Using soap, in general, is a great thing but there are often chemicals in formulations that are not so good for the hair and the body long term. Unnatural substances like SLS and sulfates can work to cleanse oily and dirty skin but more than often it can dry it out – this is even more so for those with skin conditions like eczema.

For hair itself, liquid soap can even be more devastating than on skin itself. This is because hair is naturally oily and using shampoos and body washes with unnatural chemicals can strip some of this off along with proteins that help strengthen hair. Activated charcoal as a standalone ingredient is effective at sucking off dirt, oil, and bacteria but does not damage or unnaturally dry it out in an unhealthy way.

All Natural

mycharcoalsoap.org image 3So if we learned anything above, it is definitely that modern chemicals in soaps aren’t always the best. Sometimes using products discovered ten thousand years ago can be better. Product makers and marketers just didn’t know how to market or incorporate “black dirt” into their products and formulations until now.

Also, a whole eco-market is arising. Many people are learning not to trust big pharma and big health and beauty brands. It is common knowledge that these types are JUST OUT TO TAKE YOUR MONEY – and they don’t seem to care about the costs to the public’s health. The whole awareness in our modern society is the same reason people are waking up to natural health beauty products like charcoal soap.

We created this blog to help people learn about natural beauty products – especially soaps and any product created from activated charcoal. Feel free to check the blog out for more information about the wonderful benefits of this “black soot”.