The Benefits of Using Charcoal Soap on the Face

benefits of using charcoal soap on the face

Charcoal soap is now one of the most implemented beauty products in the world today, and as absurd as it might seem to apply charcoal on the face, it’s been a beauty secret for a lot of people. Although, the charcoal used as a beauty product has been processed to be suitable for the skin. Here we will discuss the benefits of using charcoal soap on the face.

Generally, soaps aren’t tender on the skin and often, people get to complain of skin outbreaks, due to some of the chemicals used. Sulfates, for example, which are harsh surfactants are known to be overly drying to the skin. Parabens, synthetic dyes, antioxidants, and fragrances are also some other things included in the making of soap, all of which will affect the skin. Not all skin types would accommodate harsh effects of soap on the skin.

However, charcoal soap is free of all these, and rather than harsh effects on the skin, it helps to pull out impurities and leave the skin clean, smooth and fresh.

So, what are the benefits of using charcoal soap on the face?

The face often gets more attention when using beauty products, because it’s the most obvious part of the body. Here are a few benefits of using charcoal soap on the face:

  • It absorbs excess oil on the face
  • It clears out wrinkles, dark circles, and fine lines
  • It removes impurities and toxic substances that may have built up in your pores
  • It makes you glow and glisten
  • It takes out dead skin cells
  • It treats acne
  • It is great for exfoliation, as it helps remove dead cells
  • It reduces the size of your facial skin pores
  • It has a tender feel to the skin

In addition to the many benefits the charcoal soap has to offer, it also helps to know that it is not expensive at all. This makes it quite cost effective for a lot of people. While charcoal soap is known to benefit all skin types, it is still advisable that you test its effect on your skin before going all out to embrace it. This should be taken seriously if you have sensitive skin.

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