What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Activated Charcoal Bar Soap

activated charcoal bar soap

The use of activated charcoal in skin care products is no longer new, as it has proven to be effective on the skin over the years. The activated charcoal bar soap has gradually grown to be one of the most discussed soaps in the beauty world, and considering how a lot of people care about their skin, it is definitely worth the discussion.

The pros and cons of using activated charcoal bar soap must be considered to ensure everyone uses what’s right on their skin to get maximal results.


  1. Activated Charcoal Bar Soap Makes The Skin Flawless

Using charcoal soap on the skin helps to suck out dirt, oil and other impurities that might have stored up in the pores. This helps to clear dead cells, leaving the skin clean, smooth, and flawless.

  1. It Helps Reduce Excess Oil On The Skin

Oily skin is one of the skin problems many people battle with, and will do anything to treat it. Activated charcoal soap, however, helps to take out excess oil as it pulls out impurities from the skin pores. With time, you will notice an oil-free look.

  1. It Tightens The Pores

The skin pores attract a lot of toxins from the environment on a daily basis, making them expand and pretty obvious. Charcoal soap helps to treat clogged pores and tighten them, making them smaller again,

  1. It Works For Every Skin Type

This is often the major challenge when settling for a soap, but charcoal soap beats it, as it works for every skin type. It helps to remove excess oil and also moisturize the skin at the same time. It also doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

  1. It Treats Psoriasis

Activated charcoal soap helps greatly to treat psoriasis, as it works as an exfoliant by removing dead skin cells.


The benefits of charcoal soap are so many that you would hardly find a fault. Many people can attest to how great it is on the skin, and only a little percentage find a fault. The fault usually lies in other ingredients added to the activated charcoal soap. Not all charcoal soaps would be the same, as brands differ.

Ensure you check labels of any activated charcoal bar soap you settle for, to be sure you aren’t allergic to any listed ingredient.

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